We at Gillani Homes are proud of what we do. We provide one on one training to all our agents especially the new agents to our business. We have no managers so you always talk to the Broker directly and get a direct response.


Dil Gillani / Broker is always around to answer any of your questions and if you are new he is there to guide you step by step through the entire real estate process. For experienced agents we have created an atmosphere where they can thrive and reach new heights.


When it comes to agents looking to work at a real estate firm there are a lot of choices but most are the same from one firm to the next. At Gillani Homes we feels training is essential in order for agents to achieve their maximum potential. We offer some real choices to agents who treat real estate as their dream job and love what they do. I think everybody should have an equal chance to succeed in real estate and reach the top ranks by ultimately becoming part of the company they work with. Historically we always had two sides, the broker and the agents, and the agents have no claim to the company they help build. When successful agents want to go out and build their own dream they have to start from scratch. I am an agent at heart and I feel that agents who earn a good reputation and prove themselves should have the chance to share the rewards with their broker. After all, it is the agents who make the company and its reputation; without them the company would cease to exist.


Call Dil Gillani at 917-445-3389 for a very confidential interview. Let this be the first step to your successful career.


Here are some benefits of working with Gillani Homes


1- Wireless internet service provided for your laptop and computers on each desk, and state of the art voice mail system.


2- Training materials ( videos, audios, books ) and much more from almost every major real estate trainer in the US is available to all our agents anytime in hard copy and on the shared network computer.


3- Very high commission splits provided to qualified agents with opportunities for them to grow to the next level of success and even become partners in the company they help build.


4- Broker will mentor you personally if you need it so you don't have to split your commission with anybody and he is reachable 24/7 to answer any of your questions.


5- Broker is a non competing broker and you don't have to make an appointment to see him. We have a open door policy. 


6- Gillani Homes website is a featured site with major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN for the most important key phrases, so we have plenty of leads for you. 


7- We promote and utilize buyer broker representation.


8- We at Gillani Homes offer you the free opportunity to be present at trade shows and other events so you can promote yourself.


9- We will provide you with Open House flyers, Just Listed and Just Sold post cards and much more.


10- We will help you create your marketing plan so you can be a successful Realtor.


11- We enhance our agents on Realtor.com with Company Showcase Listings and there is no cost to our agents for this premier service.


12- Gillani Homes do not charge any DESK FEE or FRANCHISE FEE or ANY FEE WHAT SO EVER.


13- We at Gillani Homes provide you with unique investment opportunities, so you can grow your investment portfolio with the minimum risk.


14- You will get all your leads even if you are not in the office, Guaranteed.